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    NOTICE: Variety & Negotiability

    Aqua Vista Residences, Old Nyali, Mombasa

    NOTICE: Variety & Negotiability

    2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments with Stunning Views

    NOTICE: Variety & Negotiability

    Charming 3-Bedroom Apartment in Kizingo, Mombasa

    NOTICE: Variety & Negotiability

    Charming 2-Bedroom Apartment in Kisauni, Mombasa

    NOTICE: Variety & Negotiability

    Charming 1-Bedroom Apartment in Utange, Mombasa

    NOTICE: Variety & Negotiability

    Serene 1-Bedroom Furnished Apartment in Runda, Nairobi

    NOTICE: Variety & Negotiability

    Tranquil Vipingo Apartments 3-Bedroom Retreat with Breathtaking Views

    NOTICE: Variety & Negotiability

    Tranquil 5-Bedroom Fully Furnished Mansion in Mtwapa

    NOTICE: Variety & Negotiability

    Tranquil Apartments in Mtwapa, Mombasa Modern Bedsitters and 1-Bedroom Units



    Individuals or families looking to purchase a property.

    It provides a quick overview of property details including price, bedrooms, bathrooms, and location, helping homebuyers compare options efficiently.

    Homebuyers can track changes to property listings, ensuring they have the latest information and potentially identifying motivated sellers.

    Homebuyers can easily identify specific features such as a garage, helping them filter properties based on their preferences.

    It allows homebuyers to assess the age of the property, helping them gauge potential maintenance costs and understand the property’s history.

    Homebuyers can quickly see whether a property is available, under contract, or sold, streamlining their decision-making process.

    Real Estate Investors

    People interested in buying properties for investment purposes.

    It provides essential financial information such as price and area, helping investors analyze potential returns on investment.

    Investors can assess the size of the property, an important factor when evaluating its income-generating potential or resale value.

    Investors can evaluate the size of the land associated with the property, influencing development or renovation potential.

    It helps investors identify how long a property has been on the market, potentially negotiating better deals for properties with longer listing periods.

    It ensures investors are aware of the currency used in the listed prices, preventing misunderstandings and facilitating accurate financial assessments.

    Real Estate Agents

    Professionals facilitating property transactions.

    Agents can easily track post and modification dates, ensuring they keep property listings up-to-date for potential clients.

    Agents can quickly identify the current status of properties, streamlining communication with clients and avoiding unnecessary inquiries.

    Agents can match clients with properties in specific locations, meeting their preferences and enhancing customer satisfaction.

    Agents can use the price information to filter properties for clients based on their budget, saving time and improving the overall search experience.

    Agents can quickly identify properties that match their clients’ bedroom and bathroom requirements, providing tailored options for potential buyers.


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